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  1. I'm searching for a way to set an icon for a system menu entry in the console window. I can add / remove entries but I didn't find a way to set an icon for the entry I made. Example: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI=y #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiMenu.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $id_Test = 5000 Global $hConsole = HWnd(DllCall("kernel32.dll", "hwnd", "GetConsoleWindow")[0]) If Not $hConsole Then Exit HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit") Global $hSysmenu = _G
  2. Using some very ingenious scripts that I found on this forum, I've put together a special-purpose folder watcher that watches a specified folder for printer output files and then either send them to a printer or converts them to a PDF and prints or opens the PDF. The page about this utility is here: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/printfileprinter.html The one serious problem that it has is that it seems not to detect a new file if there are more than two or three files already in the watched folder. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, and will be grateful for any help. Here is th
  3. Hi, I thought I would never post a C/WinAPI related question in this forum ever, but here we are after a few years and me having learnt enough of C to write a basic console program My issue is that I am trying to read my child process's stdout output but ReadFile never returns if the child exits or if it is killed... very strange , I have been trying to work my way around this. The options I can think of are: Create a new thread and check for existance of the process constantly while reading Somehow make the pipe asynchronous (overlapped) so that I can read it in a non-blockin
  4. Here another approach to check if a script was already started using atoms and semaphores. Atom: #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Global $iSingleton = Singleton() If Not $iSingleton Then Exit MsgBox($MB_TOPMOST, "Singleton Test", "Process is already running!") EndIf MsgBox($MB_TOPMOST, "Singleton Test", "Singleton atom initialized: " & $iSingleton) Singleton_Delete($iSingleton) ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..
  5. Hello guys! I'm a rookie in AutoIt lol. I've tried to looking up in MSDN and the UDFs, but it can only get the GUID of a usual partition and with the GUID to control it. Now I have no ways😥. Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. This simple dllcall gives me error 5, access denied, Func _WinAPI_VkKeyScan($__key) _WinAPI_SetLastError(0) $res = DllCall('User32.dll', 'SHORT', 'VkKeyScan', 'CHAR', $__key) _xConsole('res: '&$res) $_LastErr = _WinAPI_GetLastError() If $_LastErr <> 0 Then _xConsole('Err: {' & $_LastErr & '}> ' & _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage()) Return $res EndFunc Am i doing something wrong? Also tried VkKeyScanA and W Edit: I want to send `:` via PostMessage() WM_KEYDOWN
  7. Not going to dump the code down because it's essentially a keylogger. <snip>
  8. Edit: If you already read this post, I updated it to better fit the scope of what I want to do. My goal is to be able to read the raw output from a usb type controller (or mouse or keyboard, don't want it to be controller-only) so i can see how / what changes when i hit buttons. I've gotten as far as finding HID page documentation and documentation for the device Struct, but I don't know where to go from here How do I tell what and Useage to use for any given controller / Keyboard / Mouse? How do I get a list of all HID devices connected and their UsagePage / Usage? How d
  9. Hi guys, there is no UDF wrappers for GetAdaptersAddresses API... till now Here you are: ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _WinAPI_GetAdaptersAddresses ; Description ...: Retrieves the addresses associated with the adapters on the local computer. ; Syntax.........: _WinAPI_GetAdaptersAddresses($iFamily = 2, $iShowAll = 1, $iShowTunnel = 0) ; Parameters ....: $iFamily - IP type. ; |0 - Both ; |2 - IPv4 (default) ; |23 - IPv6 ;
  10. I've encountered a problem with a single file where I cannot retrieve it's Date-time. So far my code has worked well for over 30 files, but this one is a mystery I cannot debug myself due to insufficient Au3 knowledge. In line 11 "_Date_Time_FileTimeToArray" is called and for this particular file it sets the @error to 10. I don't know what that error code means, but it's not set by the _Date functions themselves I think. Overall, it could be a problem caused by any of the functions below, how can I properly debug this? / Does anybody know a what's causing this? _WinAPI_CreateFil
  11. Hi ! I have difficulties to learn how to use WinAPI functions with DllCall. I red the (very good) >Tutorial on DllCall() & DllStructs. I understand the tutorial, but it's hard for me to apply it myself. For example, the function GetUserName (just an example, I know @username of course) : BOOL WINAPI GetUserName( _Out_ LPTSTR lpBuffer, _Inout_ LPDWORD lpnSize ); Parameters lpBuffer [out] A pointer to the buffer to receive the user's logon name. If this buffer is not large enough to contain the entire user name, the function fails. A buffer size of (UNLEN + 1) chara
  12. Hi Guys, I`m trying to record with my webcam in 5s intervalls and do some stuff between starting to record and stoping. I took code from here: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/27925-webcam-example/ and took what looked relevant to me. I use 3 different files: Is called WMS.au3 and contains all the constants for the dll calls is called rec.au3 and does all necessary dll calls to start a webcam recording to a file Is called stopcam.exe and does the dll calls to stop recording into a file WMS.au3 : $WM_CAP_START = 0x400 $WM_CAP_UNIC
  13. I was looking around the help file and I came across _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawRect and _WinAPI_DrawLine and I seem to be having the same "problem" where every time it draws into a window and you lose or gain focus it has to redraw itself. Is there anyway around this? #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #Include <GDIPlus.au3> _GDIPlus_Startup() Run("notepad.exe") $hWnd = WinWait("Untitled") $hGraphic = _GDIPlus_GraphicsCreateFromHWND($hWnd) $Color = 0xFFFF0000 $hPen = _GDIPlus_PenCreate($Color, 2) For $i = 1 To 10 _G
  14. I noticed a lack of a constants file for _WinAPI_GetSystemMetrics() so I made this for anyone who wants to add it to their library. Enjoy! (file attached below) #include-once ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: WinAPI GetSystemMetrics Constants ; AutoIt Version : ; Language ......: English ; Description ...: Constants for _WinAPI_GetSystemMetrics(). ; Author(s) .....: ScriptJunky ; ==============================================================================
  15. can someone plz explain how WinAPI work and some example script plz
  16. So first things first the example in the help file for _WinApi_Enum_Windows has an error ;_ArrayDisplay($aResult, "_WinAPI_EnumWindows", Default, Default, Default, Default, "#|Handle|Class|Title|Text|Process") Should Be _ArrayDisplay($aResult, "_WinAPI_EnumWindows", Default, Default, Default, "Handle|Class|Title|Text|Process") Next is a bit of helpful info on LPCSTR in a callback function it needs to be passed as a PTR DllCallbackRegister($sFUNCT, $sRETURN, "ptr") Finally on to my question I'd want to call EnumProp
  17. Hi, I've been translated code from FreeBasic to AutoIt. And it didn't work correctly. Please help me! FreeBasic: #Include Once "windows.bi" #Define _RGB(r,g,b) BGR(b,g,r) CONST GRADIENT_FILL_RECT_H = 0 CONST GRADIENT_FILL_RECT_V = 1 Dim Shared hInstance As HINSTANCE ' This dll is located in Windows directory DECLARE FUNCTION Gradientfill Lib "MSIMG32" ALIAS "GradientFill" _ (hDC AS HDC, pVertex As PTRIVERTEX, dwNumVertex As Integer,pMesh AS PGRADIENT_RECT, dwNumMesh As Integer, dwMode As Integer) As Integer
  18. Hey guys, MattDiesel over Stackoverflow mentioned this beautiful piece of code #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> Local $IDM_FONT = 33 Local $hWindow = WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad") _WinAPI_PostMessage($hWindow, $WM_COMMAND, $IDM_FONT, 0) Local $hFontWin = WinWait("Font") $select = ControlCommand($hFontWin, "", "ComboBox1", "GetCurrentSelection", "") WinClose($hFontWin) MsgBox(0,"", $select) I realized that _WinAPI_PostMessage can trigger menu click event, even if
  19. Hello! As some of you probably know, _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow does not work as you'd like it to work in Windows 10. It doesn't add Aero-like blur, as seen in the new Start menu or Notification Center. I looked for a solution and found "the most elegant" one: The blur only affects the inside of the window and it is not colored. It can be enabled via an undocumented SetWindowCompositionAttribute function in user32.dll. _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow for Windows 10 - this archive contains both the UDF and the example.
  20. plz help explain between GDI+ and Winapi, is it desktop inside another desktop, 3 layer dimension? i can't get the picture 1. u get desktop u can visual see 2. then u create GDI+ startup another desktop screen dimension? 3. then u have Winapi command inside GDI+, is this another desktop screen dimension? cuz GDI+ could create bitmap that is one dimension? Winapi get windowDC also another dimension? plz help and explain, with picture would be nice, im not good with visualize ("dumb newbie"), still learning newbie to programming world thankyou.
  21. I am working on some functionality to detect whether a standard keyboard was used for input in my UI or if a barcode scanner (that acts like a keyboard) was used. Instead of dealing with a scanner SDK, I decided I would read from the raw input to get device info and make a determination. I discovered while testing with multiple UIs is that when the WM_INPUT message is received and the function called, the $hWnd param is always the same (apparently whatever handle I set the "hTarget" to in the RAWINPUTDEVICE struct). Is this normal behavior?? Using the test code below, no matter
  22. Hi I need help with the code bellow, my goal is to make faster sqlite queries to Sqlite because _SQLite_GetTable2d seams to be slow on big tables. Thank you : https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/182469-using-controls-to-edit-cells-in-a-listview/ Well my code is faster but a I have 2 issues : 1 Memory leaks 2 Listview ( virtual) a little slow when scrolling (column headers delay ) Please help I am not a WinApi specialist. (The hugetable its actuality much bigger I'm limited by upload size) Thank You. #comments-start C++ Sourc
  23. Hi guys, thanks to this request, I wrote my version of GetLogicalProcessorInformation UDF for x86 e x64: ; #FUNCTION# ======================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _WinAPI_GetLogicalProcessorInformation ; Description ...: Retrieves information about logical processors and related hardware. ; Syntax.........: _WinAPI_GetLogicalProcessorInformation() ; Return values .: On success it returns a bidimensional array: on rows there is the list of processor sets, these are the columns: ;
  24. Hi, I need the help of some "C++ Pros" of you.... The "WINAPI GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function does not exists in the AutoIt Includes, so I decided to build it on my own ....no success so far. I adapted easy functions, but this one seems to be odd and unfamiliar. I hope somebody can help me.... and after that this function should be added to the Includes (WinAPISys.au3). BOOL WINAPI GetLogicalProcessorInformation( _Out_ PSYSTEM_LOGICAL_PROCESSOR_INFORMATION Buffer, _Inout_ PDWORD ReturnLength ); https://msdn.microsoft.com/e
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Function for enabling Aero-like blur effect in Windows 10.
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