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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I compiled a script I made that takes a command line parameter (the version of a .msi installer) when launched. The script was compiled with the /console option. The script (.au3) works fine but the executable returns the following error: Error: array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded
  2. Hi. Local $sPDFtk = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\pdftk.exe") Local $sInputPDF = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Prodis_Test.pdf") Local $sSig_1 = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Sig_1.pdf") Local $sTempPDF = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Prodis_Test_TEMP.pdf") $iSuccess = ShellExecuteWait($sPDFtk, $sInputPDF & " stamp " & $sSig_1 & " output " & $sTempPDF, "", "", @SW_HIDE) @ScriptDir is "H:\_Conrad lokal\Downloads\AutoIt3\_COX". As you can see there is a space in t
  3. I wrote this very simple functions to parse command line arguments. It can get: Simple key/value Example. The following code: #include "cmdline.au3" MsgBox(0, _CmdLine_Get('color')) Will return "white" if you run the script in one of these ways (quotes are optional but mandatory if you're going to use spaces): script.exe -color "white" script.exe --color white script.exe /color white Existence Example. The following code: #include "cmdline.au3" If _CmdLine_KeyExists('givemecoffee') Then ConsoleWrite('You want coffee.') Else ConsoleWrite('You do not want coffee.') EndIf Wil
  4. how do I break the loop if my program is stuck in it without exiting the whole program? i just want it to start from the beginning of the code here is my program While 1 $picture = "target.png" $result = _ImageSearch($picture,1,$x1,$y1,0,0) If $result = 1 Then Send("{4}") MouseClick("left",$x1,$y1,1,1) Sleep(2000) Do $picture2 = "status.png" $result2 = _ImageSearch($picture2,1,$x1,$y1,0,0) Send("{2}") Send("{1}") Until $result2 = 1 as you see if my program doesnt detect or see
  5. Hi, I have a small problem with typing parametr in command line My working code is: Run(@comspec & ' /c "C:\Users\G514204\Desktop\Capture2Text\Capture2Text.exe " ' & $x11 & " " & $y11 & " " & $x21 & " " & $y21 & " " & ' output.txt', "",@SW_MINIMIZE ) But I need instead output.txt to set different path like :"C:\Users\G514204\Desktop\Results\output.txt". Double quotes are necessary, $x11, $y11... are coordinates. In shorcut on desktop in field Target is written: C:\Users\G51420
  6. Hi guys, I don't understand how to add to a autoit .exe a command line interface The help this time don't help me like expeted. Example simple code: Func Test() MsgBox(0,0,"test") EndFunc If i run it nothing happens, it's normal. But how to add a command line parameter like: C:UsersUsername>test.exe /name "True" Completed Successfully And see the MsgBox with the variable text? Please provide some example Thanks for support
  7. Hii, I am using selenium rc with java and trying to upload file for test using autoit. I am able to do the same, but I have to write a new script for each file to be uploaded for different scenarios. Is there any way to pass file name as a parameter to the script, so that I can use only one script file. I tried this but it gives Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscript Here is my script upload.au3: #include<IE.au3> If $CmdLine[0] < 2 Then WinWait("Choose File to Upload") $hChoose = WinGetHandle("Choose File to Upload") ControlSetText($hChoose, "",
  8. Hello - I am passing several parameters to a DLL successfully, except for one parameter apparently. When I look at the results of what was passed via DllCall there is an extra, leading "1" on one of the parameters. How do I fix this? The $ShutDownWindowTimeout variable is set to "800". When I display the parameters used in DllCall via a messagebox the parameter shows "1800" was passed instead. No matter what number I use it has a 1 leading it. Strange... #include <WinAPI.au3> $ShutDownWindowTimeout=800 $UserActionMessage = "SHUTDOWN" $pTitle = DllStructCreate("char Title[32]")
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