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Found 8 results

  1. Hello forum users! At some point I had a need to restart my script. Is it possible to do this with autoit or do I need to connect additional scripts like .cmd or .bat? For example: i have only script.au3 and it's running. Wich code shoud i use to exit from the script and start it again?
  2. This is a personal project to log into several facebook accounts and send a message to a specific person on their birthday. I need to stop a script in a few different ways for several different reasons. For example, it might start sending the email to the wrong account, it might do something other than send a message, it might fail to logout of one account, etc. 1) Pause the script at it's exact location with a resume feature in case I need to put it on hold while I do another task. 2) Pause the script at it's current location with the option to start over or execute another part o
  3. Hi, I have a problem, my functions do not work with each other. Separately, each works very well. Features that do not work together it's loot() and pos1(). It looks that after spreadsheet function loot() script stops working even though everything is in the While 1-Wend loop. Can someone help me please?  
  4. Hi all, Ctrl+Break stops script only if AutoIt window is active. It doesn't work while automation is going on elsewhere. Is there a way to stop the script regardless of where the automation is happening? Thanks
  5. I'm trying to have my program stop outlook and another instant messaging program while it is in a certain mode. This is because people will be scanning barcodes in another room, but instead of having to close out of the programs, I was hoping to have autoit freeze or pause other programs while it is in scanning mode. I found this chunk of code which makes me feel like I am close, but not close enough to what I want to do. #Include <WinAPI.au3> $process = _WinAPI_OpenProcess("PROCESS_SUSPEND_RESUME", 1, "outlook.exe") DllCall("ntdll.dll", "Int", "NtSuspendProcess", "Int", $process) sle
  6. How can I stop any function that is running and restart main function? My program keeps stacking points to go back, isn't it? How can I fix it? HotKeySet("{F8}", "StartStop") HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Quit") Global $status = -1, $cont Tray() Main() Func Main() $cont = 0 While 1 If $status = 1 Then Cont100() Switch TrayGetMsg() Case $ExitTray Exit Case $OptionsTray MsgBox(0, "Options", "Options") EndSwitch WEnd EndFunc Func Cont100() While $cont < 100 SplashTextOn("", $cont+1, 100, 50, 0
  7. Hey guys, im writing on my project and got some memory leaks. Actual im looking for the leak for a month and now i got some curios results. I wrote some testscripts, to see, if AutoIt causes memory leaks. So i wrote some testscript for Listviews, Lists, and Labels to see, if i create a Listview with lets say 1000 items and delete them, does AutoIt reset the complete memory of these items? i'd say no. I did some tests and got the result that in best case 4K memory is missing ... Testscript #1: Listview created by nature func in combination with UDF funcs to create and delete items. #include
  8. hello, now i have a script and need it to stop it's function when "F3" is pressed. but i don't know what's wrong check that: HotKeySet("{F2}", "MSG") HotKeySet("{F3}", "xt") Func MSG() $chk = 1 while 1 MsgBox(0, "TEST", "1") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "2") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "3") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "4") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "5") $chk = 0 wend EndFunc ;==>MSG Func xt() $chk = 0 EndFunc ;==>xt While 1 Sleep(200) WEnd EDIT: I want it stop wherever which msgbox running whether msg1 or msg2 etc..
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