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Found 11 results

  1. Hello eveyone, I installed the latest version of Autoit (x86 - for greater compatibility) and SciTE. Every time I want to generate the GUI code designed in Koda, the program freezes (only Koda, not SciTE). Have you ever had this problem? Do you know how to fix it? Thanks!
  2. Hi, any suggestion to track down, why a script is freezing after a longer run time? This is a general question, I've checked the common mistakes, I've made so far (inside a loop doing fileopen() without fileclose(), runwait() for progs, that don't terminate, infinite recursive loops etc.) This script stops just after several days of running... Is there a direct way to "count" the amount of MEM and handles, a autoit script is using itself, or by child processes? Regards, Rudi.
  3. I recently installed AutoIT(the most recent version) on my work computer and everytime I try to use Koda to generate code for a GUI Koda freezes....nothing can be clicked on and I have to use task manager to end the task. It doesn't seem to matter if I open a file or if I try with a fresh design. It also freezes if I try to change any settings within Koda I've tried uninstalling everything AutoIT related and reinstalling and restarting the computer. No matter what it still does it Is there a setting somewhere that could be causing this?
  4. This is probably very basic but I am trying to run Koda FormDesigner and if I click on "Generate Form Code" or "Generate Options" it freezes the program. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Greeting, so I've been trying to come up with solution, but no luck. Despite I tried to automate upload function, I released that it freezes after "Choose File to Upload" window appears.. #include <IE.au3> ;#include <_Dbug.au3> Global $oIE = _IECreate("http://tinypic.com/", 1) Global $upload2 = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "the_file") _IEAction($upload2, "click") ;Sleep(1000) $hWnd = WinGetHandle("Choose File to Upload") MsgBox(0, "", $hWnd) Have anybody faced this situation? btw: srry for the advertise Besides it's no matter which site I'm trying to do this it's all the same.
  6. Hi, I have a form which calls this function: Func HostToIP($Host, $Label) TCPStartup() Local $sIPAddress = TCPNameToIP($Host) If @error Then GUICtrlSetData ($Label, "Error code: " & @error) Else GUICtrlSetData ($Label, $sIPAddress) EndIf TCPShutdown() EndFunc But if it cannot resolve the host to an IP, the whole form freezes for a few seconds until the TCPNameToIP times out, how can I stop the form from freezing whilst it waits for the host to ip times out? TCPNameToIP is part of #include <_sql.au3>
  7. I'm trying to have my program stop outlook and another instant messaging program while it is in a certain mode. This is because people will be scanning barcodes in another room, but instead of having to close out of the programs, I was hoping to have autoit freeze or pause other programs while it is in scanning mode. I found this chunk of code which makes me feel like I am close, but not close enough to what I want to do. #Include <WinAPI.au3> $process = _WinAPI_OpenProcess("PROCESS_SUSPEND_RESUME", 1, "outlook.exe") DllCall("ntdll.dll", "Int", "NtSuspendProcess", "Int", $process) sleep(1000) DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "Int", "CloseHandle", "Int", $process) I don't have much code to start with, but if anyone has any thoughts, I would be grateful! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, During some tests I have found that at the 3rd call of the InetGetSize function the script freezes for two minutes and the function returns 0, it's regardless to the download link. Even after if I try to call the function it freezes again. Here is the script in question : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?va4o4tfnln1sscl The function is at the line 819, here is what I have : error: 13, extended: 12002 //ERROR_WINHTTP_TIMEOUT ?To reproduce the issue you need to start 3 downloads. It does not make any sense as It works fine on the previous version and I don't see what can cause the problem. Tested on WinXP and Seven, latest production and beta. Thanks for any help; Br, Firefox.
  9. Hi there! I created this stuff for anyone who wants to lock down their computer for a period of time. Very useful for parents to lock their son's computer It is very hard to terminate the program by Task Manager because it blocks your input every second and even shutting down Windows is useless because it starts on WIndows startup. Enjoỳ̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀ <snip> To use it, please compile. Hey, my member's title is "Polymath", what does it mean?
  10. Hi, I'm writing a script to copy a number of files from UNC paths. That bit is pretty simple. However, my users think my script has crashed, which it hasn't, it's only because the UNC path doesn't exist and one of the AutoIt functions is waiting. This is true of FileExists(), FileCopy(), DriveStatus(), etc. Is there a function to check if a UNC path exists that doesn't pause in this fashion? The only way round it, that I can think of at the moment, is to spawn another process and pre-check all the UNC paths and write if they exist in a text file. Then rather than use FileExists(), I use my text file instead. Anybody got a better idea? Thanks, James
  11. Full-Screen Crash Recovery 1.0 Crashed programs or games with screens that won't go away? Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-F4, Alt-Tab, and the Windows Key not working for ya? Do you find that you can 'almost' just get out of a game screen, but see constant flicker and only parts of the Windows desktop or mouse pointer? Want a fix for all that crap? Here it is. This bad boy will drop that program and kick it to the curb. public/style_emoticons/autoit/laugh.gif =P So what's it all about? This program uses Yashied's 'HotKey.au3' UDF to track keypresses and looks for this combo: Shift-Alt-Del (easy enough to remember eh?) Once you press that combo, my program will kick in and start analyzing the Windows on the screen - finding at most two windows that have full-screen or maximized status (there is a difference in Window's world). If the *active* window is the one that matches those criteria, it is chosen as the 'target' (otherwise, the first found non-Explorer window will be the target). Now, I'm all about safety (preventing accidents) - but I'm also all about killing something if it's really crashed. So what my program does on each hotkey press is this: On the 1st Shift-Alt-Del press, the program determines if the 'target' Window it finds is Hung/Crashed using a quick method. If Window reports that it is - it's killed on the spot, and the cycle resets. If not, it will save the 'target' info for the proceeding hotkey presses.On the 2nd Shit-Alt-Del press, the program will look again through the Window list. If it finds the same 'target', it will again check if the program is Hung/Crashed or Suspended (if so, kill & reset). This process can take up to 5 seconds, especially for a suspended app. Now, since the app was found twice, and is responding to messages, my program will attempt to alter a window's 'Always-on-Top' status and Minimize it. Sometimes (!!) this may solve the case (other times, not-so-much). On the 3rd Shift-Alt-Del press, the program will search again as above, compare the window to the last one, and if it's the same, and still in full-screen/maximized state, it will finally say 'screw it', and just terminate the application.At each step, you'll get a speaker Beep confirmation (if you don't have an internal PC speaker, you can alter the Beeps to 'SoundPlay()' or somesuch). In any case, the Beeps are like this. (thanks montymintypie for suggesting this): low beep = no window found in maximized/full-screen statushigh beep = window found, but Windows isn't reporting it is hungdual-tone beeps (mid-then-high) = Window terminated.In addition, if the hotkey to close the app down is pressed, you'll get a reverse dual-tone-beep (high-low) meaning its shut down. By the way, that hotkey is: Shift-ALT-Q (terminate my program) The reason for this 'third-times-a-charm' thinking is that: You want to be sure that you really wanted to close that app (if for some reason Windows reports the app as crashed though, there's no 2nd or 3rd time),Sometimes minimizing actually does work, andIf you were able to close/minimize the application, and switched to another and maximized/full-screened it, the code will recognize that the screen is no longer in that maximized/full-screen state, and simply reset its internal variables (and the HotKey-press count will reset to 0)NOTES: Any window owned by Explorer.exe process will be IGNORED, with the exception that if explorer.exe itself has crashed (and pulled other windows into its vortex), it will allow it to be terminated (and then restarted). But under typical circumstances, it will differentiate the Explorer Windows from regular Application/Game windows, and by doing so, prevent accidental closure of the main Windows interface!As stated above, any time the same app is not found to be minimized, it will reset the internal count and variables, so the HotKey-press count will reset to 0.Get it now at http://sites.google.com/site/ascend4ntscode/fullscreencrashrecovery A list of the major enhancements/changes since I started (prior to v. 1.0!): Added two methods for detecting if an application is hung/crashed/suspendedRewrote a LOT of the code based on my own experiences with crashes (both in XP and Vista, applications and games)Separated functions to make it easier to understand and centralized Debug messages in case you'd like to output them to a log.Rewrote the main function AGAIN, due to certain Win..() functions in AutoIT failing to work on crashed applications (I've remarked about these functions and my experiences with them in the source code right under the header) Added better 'beep-notifications' (thanks to montymintypie for getting me to do that)Ascend4nt's Program License agreement: While I provide this program freely, if you do distribute the program, the only requirements I have are: I (Ascend4nt) must be Acknowledged as the authorThe License agreement document (in the ZIP file) must be kept bundled together with the code.A link must be provided to the page containing the program (linked above)Do *not* under any circumstances 'reverse-engineer' the code - in other words, do not pull out the source code. I may distribute the source code in the future - but if you have or find an old copy of my code, do not distribute it without my consent, which must be obtained through the 'ContactMe' page on this site.
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