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Found 4 results

  1. I need help. I have a project that outputs reports to PDF using @mLipok's lovely QuickPDF. The PDF is created with no problem and I am sure the problem is not there. However, I then have to open the PDF so the user can see it. I use (a) short file name and (b) object properties $oQP.SetPageLayout(2) $oQP.SetPageMode(3) ... $sFilename ; as created by UDF Local $sShortname = FileGetShortname( sFilename , 1 ) Run( @ComSpec & " /c start /max " & sShortname, "", @SW_HIDE ) ; force default PDF reader to open PDF maximized Then the RUN sho
  2. Hi All, I've got a script setup to drop a program into a temp folder and then run it from there, but I have mixed results, the Run() command will work on some computers but not others. The file will be placed into the temp folder in all cases. Running AutoIT The computers are all either Win 7 or 8.1, x64 (exe is compiled to x64 too), UAC is off, all have local admin rights - if I've missed something ask and I'll update the details. If Not FileExists (@TempDir & "\HCTB") Then DirCreate(@TempDir & "\HCTB") FileInstall("G:\IT\Downloads\TB\12.0.45471\Hos
  3. How can I stop any function that is running and restart main function? My program keeps stacking points to go back, isn't it? How can I fix it? HotKeySet("{F8}", "StartStop") HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Quit") Global $status = -1, $cont Tray() Main() Func Main() $cont = 0 While 1 If $status = 1 Then Cont100() Switch TrayGetMsg() Case $ExitTray Exit Case $OptionsTray MsgBox(0, "Options", "Options") EndSwitch WEnd EndFunc Func Cont100() While $cont < 100 SplashTextOn("", $cont+1, 100, 50, 0
  4. Hey guys, im writing on my project and got some memory leaks. Actual im looking for the leak for a month and now i got some curios results. I wrote some testscripts, to see, if AutoIt causes memory leaks. So i wrote some testscript for Listviews, Lists, and Labels to see, if i create a Listview with lets say 1000 items and delete them, does AutoIt reset the complete memory of these items? i'd say no. I did some tests and got the result that in best case 4K memory is missing ... Testscript #1: Listview created by nature func in combination with UDF funcs to create and delete items. #include
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