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_Excel_RangeFind showing an error after updating to version

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Hello good morning everyone.
After upgrading the version of Autoit of 3.3.12 to, my script stopped working.
Follows the code that shows the failure:

Func F_Evidencia()

                Local $sCellValue, $aArray1, $Total = $oWorkbook.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count, $aResult


For $L = 2 To $Validas ;Loop

           $aResult = _Excel_RangeFind($oWorkbook, "Correto")

           $aResult = _Excel_RangeFind($oWorkbook, "Incorreto");, "B" & $L & ":H" & $Total)

           _Excel_RangeWrite($oWorkbook, $oWorkbook.Activesheet, "Errado", $aResult[0][2]);

           $oWorkbook.Activesheet.Range($aResult[0][2]).Interior.ColorIndex = 3 ;Preenche a Cell na cor vermelha.



Basically the process is as follows: in my spreadsheet, I have listed several names of machines. For each row, displays the name of glosses and a number of items of installed programs. If the item is faulty, the wrong message is returned in line with their machine. What the function does is just to point out the machines with errors and it fills the background with the red color.
If I text with the new version gives problems, it comes out precisely in this function. If I test in the previous version (3.3.12), it ordinary wheel.

Can someone help me?


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