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I've tried to use the autoit activex under asp pages with IIS6 on Windows 2003 server. It seems to work with few methods, but the runasset method does'nt work properly.

Here is the code i test unsuccesfully :

Function COPYPROFIL(profil_name)

Set objAUTOIT = Server.CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control")

return = objAUTOIT.RunAsSet ("myuser", "mydomain", "mypassword", 0)

objAUTOIT.Run "C:\Program Files\SecCopy\SecCopy.exe"

objAUTOIT.RunAsSet "", "", "", 0

End Function

If i don't put the line : return = objAUTOIT.RunAsSet ("myuser", "mydomain", "mypassword", 0) it works fine; the seccopy.exe is running on my my server background.

If i leave this line with runasset there no error script but seccopy.exe is not running on my server.

I've verified the login and password.....

Any ideas ??

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RunAs works in Windows ONLY from within accounts that have the policy 'Run programs as other user' set, IIS or any other Web server runs under a very unprivileged account for good reasons, I would not recommend to enable this policy for this purpose as it is a serious security risk

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