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insert value in a blob Oracle

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I was trying to save a richedit field into an Oracle database, in a Blob field, for example saving a word document with picture in a database.  I finally found the solution  - see below . This is a simple example just to save a blob and to retrieve and display a blob in a richedit field.

Please note that:

1) In order to test it, please create a table on Oracle as 

create table test_blob (doc blob)

2) The syntax $recordset.count does not exist as described in http://www.w3schools.com/asp/ado_ref_record.asp. The syntax is $recordset.recordcount. In my example, I use it in a "debug" msgbox.

3) The source is given as example. It's a very bad draft, the goal is just to show how it works. I thought that I can share it.

4) The example that helped me was https://community.oracle.com/thread/195148

Have a nice Day,



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