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Synchronize iTunes with any MP3 Player

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I got an MP3 player a few days ago and could not find a nice way to automatically copy my music on it. Since I read about the COM interface of iTunes some time ago I decided to see how far I could get.

Currently the script only creates a directory "MP3Sync" on drive G: and copies all tracks found in the "MP3 Player" playlist in iTunes in that folder prefixed with the track numbers and does not care about synthing. It does no error checking, so it's more a proof of concept. Currently the only use of this script is to demonstrate the use of the iTunes COM interface as you could just select all tracks in the playlist and use your mouse to drag them over the drive of your mp3 player...

I intend to add some more tricks like automatic conversion to MP3 if needed, the part for looking up the encoder is already in the script. But it depends on how much time I have... feel free to use this as a staring point for your own scripts.

$iTunes = ObjCreate('iTunes.Application')

$mainLibrary = $iTunes.LibrarySource
$playlists = $mainLibrary.Playlists

$playlist = $playlists.ItemByName('MP3 Player')

$tracks = $playlist.Tracks()
$numtracks = $tracks.Count

$encoders = $iTunes.Encoders
For $i = 1 to $encoders.Count
    $mp3enc = $encoders.Item($i)
    If $mp3enc.Format = 'MP3' Then ExitLoop
If $mp3enc.Format <> 'MP3' Then MsgBox(16, '', 'Could not get encoder')

for $i = 1 to $numtracks
    $track = $tracks.ItemByPlayOrder($i)
    if not $track.Enabled Then ContinueLoop
    $trackno = StringFormat('%0' & StringLen(String($numtracks)) & 'u ', $i)
    $file = $track.Location
    $fname = StringMid($file, StringInStr($file, '\', 0, -1)+1)
    FileCopy($file, 'G:\mp3sync\' & $trackno & $fname, 1)
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This actually does not work on most MP3 players out there. Mine is a sony and runs on a MySQL/OMG File format Database. This would just ruin it. My dad has 3 others that use different file formats and database patterns. Not to mention the structure of the new Ipod nano doesn't quite accept anything but the given program. I do have to say good job, but be careful before you jump to the thought of saying it works on all]/b] mp3 players.

Good job B)

AutoIt Smith

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