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OK, I have in front of me a 100 page manual, listing all the %&*#(@$ steps I have to go through to set up an instance of BMC Perform for 1 server...

I am looking at a SEA of servers, stretching into the distance... My life is over.

But wait! I can use AutoIT 3 to make the chore a LOT easier!


Ummm... I have to create the code BY HAND? I have 100 pages of directions, screens, options, selections, dropdowns.... I can DO it in an afternoon, but to sit there and hand copy every click into a txt file?

Again, I think my life is over.

Is there really NO way to "capture" my actions so they can be repeated? (I found one program that can do it... in the winrunner/loadrunner suite.... but it costs GOBS of $$$)


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There are some tools that can record all actions done on a PC and repeat them when requested.

Try a search for Mouse Marco or Marco Record.

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