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SCITE Remove items from &Tools, &Options Menu

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Hi there,

I will of course dutifully accept if this a SCITE question that I need to direct to their forum so please do tell me if this is the case :P

Effectively I have a "Widescreen" monitor with a very limited vertical dimension so height is a premium.

Within SCITE, the &Options and &Tools menus are so chock-full of items that they cascade off the screen and introduce vertical scroll bars!!

It also interferes with the flow, clicking the menu and dragging the mouse along is stopped in its tracks because the &Options menu gets right in the way and covers up the &Tools menu. 


So my question is this:

Can I remove menu items from either:

- &Tools - I don't need any of these apart from &Compile and &Go

- &Options - I don't need any of the e.g. "Open asm.properties" etc.


The answer may just be to use ResourceHacker, but wondered if there was a "Correct" way to do this.

Humbly yours,



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