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Jim S

AutoIt Major Mode for EMACS

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Jim S


While rewriting/maintaining a fairly sophisticated AutoIt script, I decided I abolutely, positively, could not live without an AutoIt mode for EMACS, complete with indentation control, syntax highlighting, etc. And since I couldn't find one, I wrote one. Of course, I'm very new to AutoIt, and even less familiar with EMACS Lisp, but I was able to mung around with An Emacs language mode creation tutorial and get something working.

Note, this is a bit clunky, and certain things don't work well. For example, it has trouble indenting an 'empty' loop, such as:

Until RunSomeFunction() = 1

but will work fine with:

Until RunSomeFunction() = 1

so you'll have to manually indent things like this. Also, for some reason I couldn't get it to recognize any of the '#' commands as built-in keywords (e.g, #include, #comments-start, etc.). Perhaps an EMACS Lisp Guru could take this and rewrite it 'correctly'.

Warts and all, I've found this to be very helpful for editing AutoIt scripts. Perhaps you folks will find it useful too. Here's the link:



Jim S.

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