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hotkeyset issue, with using winkey

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hello, i am loving autoit.
 i was using autohotkey and its syntax was so strange to me.

i found autoit and i am much more productive so thanks for that.

my issue is i am trying to use a hotkey of win+z. so i want something to happend when i press win+z.

and it does work but for some reason the start menu appears.

here is the code:

hotkeyset("#z", "doit")

While 1

func doit()


what will  happen is that do get a msgbox with the correct clipboard, which is what i want.

however, when i comment out the send function, the start menu does not appear.

does anybody know what i am doing wrong?





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Tested it. Code works.

What happens if you normally press Ctrl+C on your keyboard?  Perhaps your Ctrl key is stuck?  Is the purpose of the code to do what you are doing here? Or something else? I know AutoIt is really cool, but it seems that you are re-inventing the wheel.  There are easier ways of doing this.  Seems like duplicating standard Windows features.

Please have a look at this, it may help Wiki FAQ unsticking keys


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