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How to make a UDF?

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Hey all,

i have been reading a lot of articles on making a UDF .... and so far i've read a lot about "Adding UDFs to AutoIt", calltips, user defined functions, OLE/COM viewer, IUIAutomation and also seen many examples but still i dont know where to start...I mean is it that extensive or just running a script and than calling it with "#include-once" in another script?!  Can anyone tell me the proper way of making a UDF step by step, or give me an example with just a function on it. 

My purpose is to implement some functions  of ie browser to other browsers like chrome, firefox, opera, etc.. : _IEFrameGetCollection; _IETagNameGetCollection; _IEAction

Please help, and let me thank you by sharing these UDFs with AutoIt community

Thanks in advance


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