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multiple Ini files in diff dir on server. How to access from single compiled and signed exes

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Here's the issue. I have a single installer that contains multiple exe's. It works great. My goal is to use a single installer that will access diff ini files on a server for separate accounts that are in diff directorys . I know I could include the ini file in the installer but then I would have to resign each installer exe each time a new account is created and include the ini file. My question is how can I compile and sign my installer and exe's one time and use it to access diff dir's on the server as accounts are created?


Any Idea's?? Right now, I'm not coming up with anything. 

In my set up exe, I was going to put the accounts folder to download but I would have to compile, sign and build another installer again. My goal is to compile and sign one time but it doesn't look like it is possible. 

I have to be able to tell the exe which dir the ini file is in on each new account. 


Just wondering your thoughts on how I should tackle this. 

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There are some options available. You could make a list of user directories and put the INI file in the same location within the directory. Here's a simple code that works for Win7 (you can put in some if/then/else code to account for other versions of Windows):

#include <array.au3>
#include <file.au3>
$uDir = @HomeDrive & "\Users"
$uList = _FileListToArrayRec($uDir, "*", 2)

Another way you could go with is a single INI file somewhere near the root of the C: drive and have the section names be the profile names. Then you could put the executables in the various account folders.

But best of all, here's my suggestion. Make 1 executable and 1 INI file and read the current user's login name. Locate both of them in a folder right in the C drive. You can store each user's preferences in the INI file and write functions to be called as needed. For example. User1 has a blue background and is allowed to look at something. User2 has a red background and cannot look at what User1 can look at.

Ini file example:


Then just read the INI file and call each setting as a different function. This method would be a lot less time consuming than creating multiple executables, the code will be consolidated into one, everything is modular and simple.

Hope this helps!

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