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Help with a script to monitor a log file for changes in real time

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hi everyone . Learning more and more of autoit and i have to say it is VERY powerful. now im into a small automation project


Here is what i plan :  i want , using while/ wend to monitor a log file of an application and when there is a line added i need that auto it " exports" that line

i need this for  an automation of my ftp server. it checks sfv files and when an upload is " COMPLETE "  the ftp server logs it . i need that when there is written this log entry to extract it and run unrar is some regex parameters are met. the hard part is the real time monitoring


at the moment  my code is very unsuccessful (if required i can paste it here)

plus after 40 sec of run time i usually get an out of memory error


can you please me show some effective ways of to monitor a file and extract  last written line (guess using  readline -1) in real time ?


thx and regards


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here some ways

small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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ehy thx for the tip really look similar to my code @ first sight. i will check better later. in office now. problem with mah code is that i get outof memory error. later  can include it regards

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