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Stuck at square 1: Can't launch an executable

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Folks, I'm brand new to AutoIt.  I downloaded and installed the current version (I'm running on Windows 10 64-bit).

I ran the "notepad" tutorial no problem.  But when I change the Run() to point to any executable in the same directory as the script (including the AutoIt installer) it never launches.


Nothing happens.

I've also tried specifying the full path:


No difference.

I even tried changing directory:



What am I missing?


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What returncode and errorcode are returned by run?


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Sorry, but like I said, I'm brand new to AutoIt...

How do I display the return code and error code?  I couldn't find an example of that in the Tutorials.

I added "@error" to my script and it didn't change anything.  I get no output.

I also tried adding "@exitCode" but got an error saying that was not valid.


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ShellExecute() didn't change anything either I'm afraid.

But... I compiled it into an exe instead of just running it, then did "Run as Administrator" on the exe and it now works.

My current account is an Administrator, so I'm not sure why I have to do this, but I'll continue digging into it.

A suggestion... a few more tutorials would be nice.


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