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_SendMessage Question

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Hello Possible Problem Solver (yeah i tried to be creative),

My friend wants to play games like cookie clicker, Clicker Heroes and so on without playing them (he doesnt want to sit there and click all the time) so he asked me if i could help him out. I did by simply writing a MouseClick While Loop. Now he is complaining about not being able to use the mouse cursor and  i found out that one possible way to fix this problem is using the _SendMessage wrapper and just sending a WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_LBUTTONUP message to the appwindow instead of using the MouseClick. But looking into the usage of the actual WINAPI call i realized you have to use a Short as the lParam to deliver the coordinates.

How do i create a signed Short in AutoIt?

Also, the low-order word of the Short is supposed to contain the x-coordinate of the cursor. but a low-order word of a Short can only contain 2 characters. How is this even supposed to work? Or do i not understand something here? :huh2:

(Another thing: If this is a bot in someones mind, im sorry. But a answer to the second problem would still be awesome!)


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You should have known better than asking a question about game automation being here that long, but anyway here goes:

Unfortunately you appear to have missed the Forum rules on your way in. (there is also a link link in my signature) 
Please read them now particularly the bit about not discussing game automation - and then you will understand why you will get no help and this thread will now be locked. :naughty:


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