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Hey guys, ive been away for alittle while and well....im back.

I was wondering what the easiest way would be to achieve this (Its for a http server Layer and i started some time ago), i would like to use the HTTP Api from windows.

If someone could just show me or explain to me how to achieve this...


The HttpInitialize function initializes the HTTP API driver, starts it, if it has not already been started, and allocates data structures for the calling application to support response-queue creation and other operations. Call this function before calling any other functions in the HTTP API.

ULONG HttpInitialize(
  ULONG Flags,
  PVOID pReserved

[in] HTTP version. This parameter is an HTTPAPI_VERSION structure. For the current version, declare an instance of the structure and set it to the pre-defined value HTTPAPI_VERSION_1 before passing it to HttpInitialize. 
[in] Initialization options, which can include one or both of the following values.Value Meaning 
HTTP_INITIALIZE_CONFIG Perform initialization for applications that use the HTTP configuration functions, HttpSetServiceConfiguration, HttpQueryServiceConfiguration and HttpDeleteServiceConfiguration. 
HTTP_INITIALIZE_SERVER Perform initialization for applications that use the HTTP API. 

[in, out] This parameter is reserved and must be NULL. 
Return Values
If the function succeeds, the return value is NO_ERROR.

If the function fails, the return value is one of the following error codes.

Value Meaning 
ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER The Flags parameter contains an unsupported value. 
Other A system error code defined in WinError.h. 

Call HttpTerminate when the application completes. All the same flags that were passed to HttpInitialize in the Flags parameter must also be passed to HttpTerminate. An application can call HttpInitialize repeatedly, provided that each call to HttpInitialize is later matched by a corresponding call to HttpTerminate.

Client Requires Windows "Longhorn" or Windows XP SP2. 
Server Requires Windows Server "Longhorn" or Windows Server 2003. 
Header Declared in Http.h.
Library Link to Httpapi.lib.
DLL Requires Httpapi.dll.  

See Also
HTTP API Functions, HttpTerminate

I think ill havt to use Object stuff (?) and im not familier with that at all. Thanx in advance guys


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