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"4" from ControlTreeView.IsChecked()

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I'm testing an installer that includes a SystemTreeView control.  Each entry in the tree view includes a checkbox.  The first entry ("#0") is mandatory, so is disabled.  See attached screenshot.

When I call ControlTreeView.IsChecked() for this entry it returns "4" (@error = 0).  For all the other entries it returns "1" as expected.

Local $TreeViewItem0IsChecked = ControlTreeView ("Setup: Installation Options", "Select components to install:", 1032, "IsChecked", "#0")

The Function Reference documentation says ControlTreeView.IsChecked() should return only "0" (unchecked), "1" (checked), or "-1" (not a checkbox).

Is it normal/expected for ControlTreeView.IsChecked() to return "4" in this case?

FYI, the installer is 32-bit, the OS is 64-bit Windows 7.  Please let me know if you need any other info.

Thanks in advance.

Setup - Installation Options.png

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