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Help automating Reboot Restore RX Free Version

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Hello everyone,

I am needing help trying to automate the install of Reboot Restore RX.  I get stuck on the Language Selection msgbox.  See attached screen shot.  I tried SEND("{ENTER}"); SEND("{SPACE}"); even tried {TAB} then {ENTER};  and of course ControlClick variations and nothing works.  Note. when I do the {TAB}, it reflects the selection of the button I tabbed to, it just won't click OK.

Also, the last 2 lines of my script, I was desperate and just put anything to see if I could get it to work.  I originally had Send("{ENTER}") after the WinWaitActive.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi, @szavala, this install is a bit of a pain in the butt, as it completely resists silent install for the free version. However, this works just fine for me:


ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\RebootRestoreRX\Setup.exe")

;Language Select
WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "&Select your system language:")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "&Select your system language:", "Button1")

;Page One
WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "This setup wizard will lead you")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "This setup wizard will lead you", "Button3")

WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "End User License Agreement")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "End User License Agreement", "Button3")

WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "&Cancel")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "&Cancel", "Button3")

WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "Current Settings")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "Current Settings", "Button3")

WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "Installation Wizard Completed")
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "Installation Wizard Completed", "Button1") ;To reboot or not to reboot
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "Installation Wizard Completed", "Button5") ;Finish


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@Jos & @JLogan3o13, thanks you for your help with this.  I will give them both a try first thing in the morning.  I will let you guys know how it goes.


Thanks again for all the help.

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Here is an update. 

@Jos, ("o") did not work.

@JLogan3o13,  it worked like a charm. 

Thanks again for helping me with the solution.

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