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Set Hotkey With Mouseclick?

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It may sound silly, but I am tring to make a small program that let play keyboard only games with the mouse.

I made the check in order to understand what of the eight direction the mouse moves and send the proper command (taken from a .ini file) but as last thing I'd like convert mouse click in keys in order to send keys when I click.

Is that somewhat possibile?


Overall thanks to you Jon for this great program... :whistle:

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I would use the mouse like a joystick actually:

while 1
if $pos[0]<200 then send("{left}")
if $pos[0]>600 then send("{right}")
if $pos[1]<200 then send("{up}")
if $pos[1]>600 then send("{down}")

You can adjust sleep times acording to your game, and you might want to use "x" instead of "center"

As far as mouse presses, the new beta has mousewheel functions.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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Nice (and far easier than my script) but it does not solve my problem...

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