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autoit npp like edit interface


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Hello guys! 

I got a little problem.I want to create a Notepad++ interface for the gui edit control.I'm stuck and i can not solve this problem alone.

I suppose there must be an object to be embeded in the gui , but i am not sure! If anyone has a sollution for this little problem,then please post it on the forum! 

Thanks in advance! 

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Look up SciLexer UDF :), It will allow you to create a SciTE or Notepad++ like code editor... Both SciTE & N++ use Scintilla as their main component for making code editor like interface! :)


SciTE was made to demonstrate the capabilities of Scintilla, Jos has further modified it and made SciTE4AutoIt! TD :D

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EasyCodeIt - A cross-platform AutoIt implementation - Fund the development! (GitHub will double your donations for a limited time)

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