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BitDefender 9 Professional Plus Registration

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I am very new to autoit, i have no experience whatsoever, and the only method i used to create any autoit scripts i have created, is by using the SciTe ScriptWriter tool, which is no good with this program, and that is why i need your help.

After the installation of BitDefender 9 Professional Plus, 2 screens appear, instead of 4 in BitDefender 8 Professional Plus.

Posted Image


Posted Image

I have tried modifying the the old AutoIT (that worked with BitDefender 8 Professional Plus), but that crashed and burned.

The AutoIT window Info tool shows no Control ID: or Text:

So i was told instead of using controlclick to use mouseclick.

HELP! B) How?

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Thank you very much for your replies. I have tested both scripts. The first one works just fine. The second one gives me 2 error messages. If I'm guessing right, the second one should be better than the first one? Gives back feedback? Anyway, I will use which ever one you tell me. B)

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You were right to be pissed with bitdefender. It's really annoying trying to register bitdefender using an autoit script, while bitdefender stopping it from running because it detects it as a virus. That totally screwed up my unattended installation.

I don't suppose there's a workaround this problem??

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Don't compile. Use the script and use AutoIt3.exe to run the script.

You can put AutoIt3.exe in your systems path for ease so you would not need to use PathTo as mentioned below.

The command:

PathTo\AutoIt3.exe YourScript.au3


And you could just monitor for the presence of the definition file that BitDefender installs, delete it and perhaps copy over a later version. When done closing BitDefender.

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