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using WinMenuSelectItem with partial item name

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I need to select a menu item using WinMenuSelectItem, but the menu item name changes depending on the name of the file open. However it always has the word "Movie" near the beginning. I tried to set WinTitleMatchMode =2, but as far as I can tell that only works on the Window Title, not menu items.

This code works:

WinMenuSelectItem($sProgName,"", "&Window", "&2 Movie water drops.mdb 8/25/2015 10:05:27 AM  by CA System")

But I would like to be able to use something like this and have the program pick the menu item that has the word "Movie" in it.

WinMenuSelectItem($sProgName,"", "&Window", "Movie")


I know WinMenuSelectItem works because I use it elsewhere in the program.

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