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Identifying Widget ID using AutoIT (With Client: Progress 4GL)

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Currently, I am using AutoIT with Progress 4GL(OpenEdge) Client to automate the test cases. 

I am trying to find the elements of the client using Widget ID. Unfortunately, I am not able to identify Widget IDs using AutoIT finder Tool. 

Do I have to use anything else with AutoIt to find a solution for this? Please help!

Codes are attached for reference:

Progress 4GL sample code: 

def var x as char label "First" no-undo.
def var y as int label "Second" no-undo.
def var z as decimal label "Third" no-undo.
def var m as logical init no  label "Fourth" no-undo.

x widget-id 20 skip(1) 
y widget-id 30 skip(1) 
z widget-id 40  skip(1)
m widget-id 50
with side-labels frame frm1 widget-id 60 .


AUTO IT FINDER Tool Control: 

Class:    Edit
Instance:    9
ClassnameNN:    Edit9
Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:9]
ID:    80
Position:    57, 204
Size:    72, 22
ControlClick Coords:    26, 13
Style:    0x54000080
ExStyle:    0x00000000
Handle:    0x02590584


Here, How do I fetch the Widget-ID through AutoIT? Any solution is welcome.

Thanks in Advance!


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