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[SOLVED]SQLite whole column into array

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Hello. Is there some way for inserting batch records from SQLite table into AutoIt3 array, instead of looping trough every single record using _SQlite_Fetchdata?

SQLite query would be something like this SELECT DISTINCT IP FROM memtable WHERE VALIDITY = '1' AND CATEGORY = 'Advertising'

looping would work but with hundreds of thousands of records, it would take bunch of time each time.

I was trying to combine SQLite table, _SQLite_FetchData and _FileWriteFromArray but got stuck at that point, not finding reasonably fast way for exctraction of data.

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If all you want is one column then try _SQLite_GetTable.  For 2 or more columns use _SQLite_GetTable2d.  Your SQL stmt looks good.

See the Help file for syntax.


edit: The two functions I mentioned use _SQLite_FetchData and build an array for you.  You could do the same by using your SQL stmt with fetchdata and doing whatever you want with the row.  Way easier to use the GetTable wrapper.

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