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Simple client & server packet forwarding (Tunneling)

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I have a proxy program like below

User <-> Client <-> Server <-> Internet

but it's unsecure, and firewalls detects it and drop connection. I want to encrypt connection with below way.

User <-> Client <-> Tunnel client <-encrypted-> Tunnel Server <-decrypted->  Server <-> Internet

Is there any sample script that could handle this job? it must be reliable and really optimized and fast

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You can script in the addition of the firewall exceptions...that would be required...google that, but you can do it via command line (would need to run as admin and use exec()).  Be safe, and only allow the proper route and port depending on if you are listening or sending.

Then, you can use TCPIP functions...one as an example:


You can use the the crypt udf to encrypt/decrypt


Of course, the key you make to use for encryption will never truly be safe from prying eyes that decompile your script.

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From your scheme, I fail to see how using encryption after client and before server would make a difference.

Also and again according to your scheme, you seem to consider the LAN part of your organization as insecure and the Internet as secure, which is something that I don't fully understand.

Finally, where do you think the blocking firewall resides?

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