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Smart shortcut launcher

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Here is a small tool that might be of interrest for you.

Me recently struggled hard to find a program in my always growing windows startmenu.

I thought it would be nice to just type a part of the applications name, then select and start it.

This script uses a gui for an input field, a dropdown and a button.

Try to type "aut" into the input field, see the dropdown open, TAB down, select the link of your choice (i.e. AutoIt Help), press TAB again followed by ENTER to launch the shortcut.

There is a second feature: type any program name thats in the path into the input filed, like "notepad test.ini","cmd", or even "\\ServerName\ShareName" - again press TAB twice, and ENTER.

This works pretty nice for me, albeit I will have to find a way to launch the shortcut by pressing ENTER in the combo box or input filed. (dont know how to do it, at the moment)

Minimizing the window reveals the traymenu icon, right click for context menu.

PS: for sorting of the array, I am basicly using the _ArraySort UDF. But it was rather slow, 45 sec for 811 shortcuts to sort. So I stripped down the sort code, took out unneedet options, and do sort in 10 sec now. I hope it is OK to reuse code this way.

(What a difference, I couldnt believe ist myself)

Have fun with the code, any feedback is highly appreciated :-)




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