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Newbie needs help

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Hello everyone.  I'm brand new to AutoIT.

I wanted to create a script to open a command window as Administrator and then enter some commands into that window.

I created the following script to run a test:

   ; Script Start - Add your code below here

   #include <AutoItConstants.au3>
   #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

   Local $hWnd = WinWait("Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe", "", 10)
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Handle: " & $hWnd)
   Send ("dir")

The command window opens up, the message box prints the handle number and then nothing.  The "dir" command does not get sent to the command window.

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for helping!

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Hi, @TLOlivier welcome to the forum. Can you please expand on what exactly you're trying to accomplish? You can do a RunAs, and do most anything you would be able to do from the command line, without actually opening a command window.

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I would like to run the following command to change the DNS setting on a computer:

     netsh interface ip set dns name="Local Area Connection" static

If there is a quote in the command, do I do a double quote to get AutoIT to recognize the quote?


Thank you!

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