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ControlClick highlights but do not click

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Hello everyone,

I am a new user of the AutoIt. I come from Java backgroung. I am trying to automate an installer using AutoIt.

My problem is I am trying to using ControlClick on the next button of the installer and I think it is able to target it and send command to it but it is not clicking to it. When I run the 

ControlClick("PTC",'','[CLASS:TkChild; INSTANCE:4]')


ControlClick("PTC",'','[CLASS:TkChild; INSTANCE:4]')

commands the button gets highlighted(light blue color, same as my mouse is hovering on it) but it doesn't get clicked. 

I also tried to get the handle of the button but i think I am not able to get it because i get 0 from the following command.

ControlGetHandle('','','[CLASS:TkChild; INSTANCE:4]')

Please help. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or my installer is being uncooperative. Also let me know if there is any alternative if you think this will not work.

AutoIt Window Info Summary Tab for the button

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:  PTC Servigistics InService ™ v10.4.0_sp3.109 Setup
Class:  TkTopLevel
Position:   723, 432
Size:   606, 413
Style:  0x94C80008
ExStyle:    0x00000101
Handle: 0x00000000000E0F7C

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:  TkChild
Instance:   4
ClassnameNN:    TkChild4
Advanced (Class):   [CLASS:TkChild; INSTANCE:4]
Position:   397, 349
Size:   94, 26
ControlClick Coords:    51, 12
Style:  0x56000000
ExStyle:    0x00000004
Handle: 0x00000000000D0390

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position:   451, 391
Cursor ID:  0
Color:  0x7DBEDD

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<


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