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Au3recorder undefined function and au3recorder missing from v3.3.14.2 zip file

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I am new to AutoIT and am having the following issue with Au3recorder. I have installed AutoIT,and  ScriptEditor for version on Windows 8 and 10.


On Windows 8, the Au3recorder doesn't automatically show up when clicking Alt+F6 or choosing it from the Tools menu. A workaround suggested in stackoverflow.com/questions/31711001/autoit-au3recorder-not-running/33572334#33572334 states to copy the Au3recorder folder from the zip file for version and paste it in Program Files (x86)\Autoit\Extras. I find that the extras folder doesn't contain au3recorder folder initially. Copying and pasting the folder and relaunching the recorder brings up the recorder. I used the recording to launch the command prompt and close it but the recorder throws  "undefined function" error. The link here edugeek.net/forums/scripts/22692-autoit-errors suggests an incorrect version but I know that I have the latest versions.

On windows 10, the same "undefined function" error occurs. Please advise.


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@arkmen the following topic is easily found through a forum search, and addresses the issue directly.


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