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VMware Tools to install if the "computer" is a "VMware computer"

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I started testing my Unattennded DVD (Windows XP Pro + software applications) on the most recent final VMWARE version (

Everything seems to works fine. Neverless, after the last boot, I can NOT get the mouse control to select the software applications to be installed. I must run VMware Tools to get the mouse control. Therefore, my unattended (automatic) installation is stopped.

I'm looking for automatic install VMware Tools if the installation is a VMware based.

Do someone can help me with this script???

In other worlds, the point is that AutoIt script will NOT run the installer unless the "computer" is a VMware computer which is determined by using WMI to read BIOS strings.

BTW, the VMware Tools could be find in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\Windows.iso. To install it silently just run the command Run("setup.exe /qb"), setup.exe is inside the windows.iso file.



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OK, here what i found.

I found a small tool here enclosed called vmchk.exe (win32) vmchk.com (dos16).

when i launch this tool (under CMD SHELL) i get this return (see image enclosed)

On "computer":

Not runing inside VMWare.

On VMware computer":

Runing inside VMWare <version 6>.

Then, I don't know how to manage the returned Echo command.

anyone could help to write an if script with vmchk.exe/vmchk.com command???

Any help will be very appreciated



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