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How to bypass UAC elevation for running programs in remote machine???

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Guys im looking for a way to bypass UAC elevation to run programs in remote machine, How do we do with Autoit itself

Please help me im trying to execute uninstall program using from 100 s of win7 machine.. this environment has admin$ disabled , So no use of psexec

Im trying this.. problem is UAC elevation doesnot allow me to run the uninstall program with elevation. Please help

My autoit script I run with below command already tried Runas also but still elevation been the problem

wmic /node:10.x.x.x process call create "cmd.exe /c \\10.x.x.x\share1\test.bat"
where the bat file has some command like this


CD %programfiles%\WinRAR\
Uninstall.exe /s /norestart

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