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Simple SenKey to Language Bar....Newbie needs Help

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Have never programmed outside of HTML and asp...So please bear with me...

I wrote a little script for changing the language in windows. I tried to specify the LALT sendkey and the shift to toggle between the languages first...this didin't work so changed the short cut in the properties of the language bar to CTRL+SHIFT...the script Iwrote for that worked. I really need to get the LALT one working as well here is the script...as simple as it is..

; Script for Sending Keystrokes

Send("{LALT down}")


Send("{LALT up}")

I was wondering is it just a timing issue in windows. I hust don't know how to use the Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 1). Is this to be entered before or after the first line? B)

I really want to get a good handle on this...



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Dat workin just dandy...hope to sink my teeth into something more intillectual soon.



Try this one:




by the way, now I know the god-damn hotkey for changing the language at last,

which happened to me by accident before...cool! B)



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