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Remove Driver Package with PnPutil

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Hi there,

i try to remove a Driver Package on Win 8.1 (X64) with PnPutil - but it didn't work :(

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /k pnputil.exe -f -d ' & $sINF, @Systemdir, @SW_SHOW)
;it show wrong typed or File not found cause @Systemdir is C:\Windows\SYSWOW64

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /k pnputil.exe -f -d ' & $sINF, @WindowsDir & "\system32", @SW_SHOW)
;same error but CMD GUI (ADMIN) show C:\Windows\System32
;even if I type PnPutil with my Commands i get this error :-(

What i'm doing wrong? Thx...


Edit: with Filecopy or Fileinstall PnPutil.exe to @Systemdir or with devcon.exe dp_delete solved.

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Hi all,

just for info, I had the same problem and have solved it via "psexec".


Run ('"D:\Data\PsTools\psexec.exe" -h cmd /c "pnputil.exe -e >d:\data\driver_export.txt"')

Run ('"D:\Data\PsTools\psexec.exe" \\computername -d -i -u "domain\user" -p password cmd /c "pnputil.exe -e >d:\data\driver_export.txt"')




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