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Automated login for time tracking of a user.

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I am complete new here and also to this Auto-IT.

May be somebody can help me.

I have a web site which keeps the time-track on every one. When a user login to that web site he have to manually press the clock -in button so that the timer starts.

It records the time how much the user have spent on the system.

The problem i am facing is that:

- the timer keeps on going until the user click on clock-out button manually.

- Even when the user logged out of the web page, the timer is not stopping.

Can you please guide me how to solve the above problems.

Also i need to know how to implement the following events.

- When the user logged into the website, the timer should automatically start without manually pressing the clock in button.

- When the user hibernate or shut down or log off the system the timer should stop in the website.

- When the user unlock the system the timer should resume in the website.

help me to do this in autoit.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards




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Go here:

Make an invisible app that keeps running on the client computer and maybe once every 5 seconds, probe to see if the computer is locked or not.. 

If the computer is locked, send an HTTP request to your webpage as needed, same with if the computer is unlocked.

C0d3 is P0etry( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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