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installer problem

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I'm a beginner,and get out of it.

I want to automate a program with my one .ini file afterwards copy-it in.The program install and make the directroy where i afterwards wil copy

the .ini to.


   ; (installs the program and close it)

FileCopy ( "C:\Users\rj\Desktop\*.*", "c:\dir\.ini\" )

The problem is when the program is finished,the filecopy already have placed de file on de disk,but the directory wasn't there.
So the question is when i run de program (automatiq instal with mouseclicks (take 7 seconds) for closing,the filecopy is within this time done
so the expected dir is not created.(he put is on man c:\)
I played with wait/proceswaitfinish/loops/runwait i dont get it or see it
So can anyone explain me how it works???
I want to install the program (is *.exe) and then the program is completly finished and closed the filecopy.
Regards Rob
stupid from me but solved     (think to muts)
While FileExists ( "c:\dir\default.br2" )
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Thanks i now,but de problem was de program thats instald,when the program is finisd its write/make the directory for it,(take some time)so when i make filecopy it is to fast and the

directory dosn't exits. But this works for me

FileInstall("wincmd.ini", @TempDir & "\wincmd.ini", 1)

If FileInstall("tcmd.exe", @TempDir & "\tcmd.exe", 1) Then

 RunWait('"' & @TempDir & '\tcmd.exe', @TempDir)

FileCopy(@TempDir & '\wincmd.ini', 'c:\totalcmd\')


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