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Help needed!

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I really need help! I dont get this thing. I have to create new .vbs file and copy code into there and in Autoit script i have to #include it? In .vbs file there is 1 function and i want to run it in Autoit. How can i do it?

I try to do example:

'in .vbs
Function Message()
MsgBox("Message", Critical)
End Function

; In autoit
#include "Message.vbs"

Its not working.

I have to download VBS? My OS is win 98SE

Please Help!

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poisonkiller: nfwu is right saying that your way won't work, however you can embed your VBS in a WSC (simple XML file), register it as TypeLibrary and use like a regular COM object from within AutoIt. Details for WSC you can obtain from MSDN

UDFS & Apps:

DDEML.au3 - DDE Client + Server[*]
Localization.au3- localize your scripts[*]
TLI.au3 - type information on COM objects (TLBINF emulation)[*]
TLBAutoEnum.au3 - auto-import of COM constants (enums)[*]
AU3Automation - export AU3 scripts via COM interfaces

- OleView was yesterday

Coder's last words before final release: WE APOLOGIZE FOR INCONVENIENCEĀ 

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