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Converting one app to multiple apps question

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i don't know where to start, what I should ask, or how to go about converting one app to multiple apps.

My app is about 19,000 lines mainly comprises of multimedia, navigation/traffic, and some other stuff that needs to communicate with the internet (I count those as a part of the navigation component), it's a front end system for my car.

I'm thinking of dividing the app up into 1/Gui, 2/multimedia, 3/navigation and other components. I was looking at https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/126936-container-udf-scripts-interaction-library/ to have each component communicate with the gui, and the couple of functions that need the components to communicate with each other.

I'm thinking that I will continue to use onclick function for the buttons on the gui and then that sends the command to activate the spcific function in either the multimedia or nav app. And those apps print info info back to the gui as needed or if needed.

So I think for now my main questions for now is how do I start seporating the apps and test the communications between them as I go along since they have to be exe? And is there a better udf for the communication since this was made....this seems the best?

Is there anything that i need to/should be aware of in starting this process?



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So basically, you're looking for the best way to set up Co-Processing in your program? Honestly, there's a couple different ways but that UDF link you included is 4 years old and may need to be updated. Personally, I use ConsoleRead() and ConsoleWrite() as it's simplest for me, although, if that UDF still works, I may switch to it.

My UDFs are generally for me. If they aren't updated for a while, it means I'm not using them myself. As soon as I start using them again, they'll get updated.

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