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Big GUI-script uses a lot of CPU

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I have quite a big GUI with a lot of controls and I have the feeling that the bigger it gets the more CPU it uses while doing nothing. The doc says that GUIGetMsg() idles the CPU when required, but can anybody explain to me what it does the rest of the time or how I can fine tune the GUI performance?

Here is the loop that I use in my GUI:

While $hmsg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
      $dGUIMsg = GUIGetMsg(1)
      $hmsg = $dGUIMsg[0]
      $hGUIMsg = $dGUIMsg[1]
      $hGUICtrlMsg = $dGUIMsg[2]
         Case $hmsg = -3 Or $hmsg = $hMenuFileExit
         Case $hmsg <= 0

Sorry, wrong subforum. Should be in GUI or Developers.

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