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Error using newest beta of Au3stripper.exe

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Hi there,

I'm using the programs published on the scite-beta-site.

While running the newest version of Au3Stripper.exe (08-Dec-2015 21:44) I get the following error (translated from german):

"The application could not be started because the Side-by-Side Configuration is invalid".

In the application log I found error 72 ("Fehler beim Generieren des Aktivierungskontextes für "H:\sw\Au3Stripper.exe". Fehler in Manifest- oder Richtliniendatei "H:\sw\Au3Stripper.exe" in Zeile 19. Das compatibility-Element wird als untergeordnetes Element des urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1^assembly-Elements angezeigt, das von dieser Windows-Version nicht unterstützt wird." -> Error generating the activation context of ... Error in line 19 of manifest file .. the compatibility elemen is shown as subitem of urn:schemas-microsoft-com: ... which is not supported in this windows version.)

My windows version is Win7x64 - is this an application problem or do I miss something?





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mmm... guess I need to check the added Manifest, which is working fine in Win10,
Removed it for now in the current Beta available.


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