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Completely hide IE?

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Hello, as tittle says. 
I was using

_IEcreate = (.....,0,0,0,0)

And it works but when i click on link it gets visibly again...

$lol = _IEPropertyGet($oIE,"HWnd")
 WinSetState($lol, "", @SW_HIDE)

I tryed getting the HWnd with _IEPropertyGet and then hide it with Winsetstate and @SW_Hide ... But again like the first, when i click a new link it gets visible again.. Anyone know a method for just let it invisible or completely hidden? Thanks in advanced.

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@elmoi0010 what, precisely, are you trying to do with the hidden IE window? If you're looking to pull down a file you can always use InetGet and bypass the browser window completely.

Is just visit websites to my webpages who i created under popup rotator script. at some certain seconds it just change the URL and then reload the webpage so is other of my webpages. Just for my own testing porpuse, thanks in advanced @JLogan3o13 <3 .


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