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Allow Site from Adobe Settings

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I am new to AutoIt and I found it amazingly great. I am stuck at one problem however and tried to fix it but couldn't at my own, so here I am asking for help from right folks.


We have Flash installed in our Windows Environment which is used to access Web Cam. We can grant this access once for all by going to Control Panel > Flash Settings Manager > Camera and Mic tab > Camera & Microphone Settings Button > Add button > typing site address ( > Select Allow > Add Button > Close Button > Escape OR Close Flash Settings Manager.

I want to do it everytime PC starts. I can create an exe and put it at System Statrtup to make it happen.


I tried to use AutoIt with different approaches. First I tried to identify its Class (#32770) and automate the rest of the process, however, it didn't get successful because at Windows Startup there's another same class box opened that requires user to press OK.

I tried to do "WinWaitActive" but that doesn't work proper since it won't start until window is active (and other window of same class make it inactive/out of focus).


Second problem is that when I'm trying to Add site using Tabs, however, it won't work since if "Allow" is already selected in any PC, this exe will toggle it to something else.


So basically I am facing two issues. First to focus on right window with title "Flash Player Settings Manager" and other to select Allow option from particular drop menu. Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi, @Maaz welcome to the forum. I am guessing there is a reason you are not just doing this through Group Policy, which would be the normal way to configure this. Most settings that you would set through the Control Panel are contained within the user's profile under AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys. Depending on the setting you are changing, it is either written directly to the Settings.pol, or (as in the case of the camera and mic change) a sub folder will be added with its own settings.pol file. You could always set this manually on one machine, then copy the Settings.pol file and/or any sub directories that are created, and overwrite these on user login. GPO is still the best way to do this, but that would be a workaround at least.

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