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Installation only recognizes SciTE lite

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I've installed the latest version of AutoIT and separately installed the full version of SciTE on two Win10 computers.  One acknowledges the full version, I can see the template.au3, and Koda options. The other computer doesn't and I'm not sure why. I used the exact same installation files on both and ran both as Administrator.  

The computer that doesn't show the full version I also cleaned out prior installs. Remove the AutoITv3 folder in %user%\Appdata\Low, checked ProgramFiles (x86), ProgramData, and registry keys user Software for both local machine and user.

Tried the installs again, no errors, but still can only see the lite. version. The SciTE folder does contain the Koda folder and I can load it separately but why not from SciTE?




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Where are you missing the Koda options?
What is showing in your SciTE output pane when you run an au3 script? (This info tells me what is currently installed)


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