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I'm using latest portable SciTE 3.6.0 on Windows 10 x64

It's located in E:\Program Files\Autoit3\SciTE\

All .properties files are located in the same directory as SciTE.exe file

It works fine when SciTE.exe executed directly from that directory, however when I start it from a shortcut which is located outside of E:\Program Files\Autoit3\ directory (quick launch) it ignores file and attempting load it from %userprofile%\appdata\local\AutoIt v3\ instead.

If I copy the same shortcut file to E:\Program Files\Autoit3\SciTE\ or E:\Program Files\Autoit3\ then it works just fine too.

Any ideas why this happening and how to fix it?


Thank you.



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Set the proper workdir when launching SciTE or set the environment variable SCITE_HOME to the proper directory.


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As it seen on the screenshot, workdir (start in) is set properly

environment variable is also out of question, because it's a portable SciTE..

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I think I found the problem.

What happened was: I've installed SciTE over my portable version, which naturally "forgotten" all it's settings because now it was using settings from appdata and when I realized what happened I downloaded portable version and copied it over the installed version, which restored settings. But it must be something in registry or somewhere else that SciTE is using that overrides any portable settings. So I backed up SciTE folder and uninstalled it, then copied folder back from the backup and now SciTE is fully portable and working fine.


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