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Best Way To Run External .reg File

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Was curious about the cleanest way to run/import an external registry file (.reg)during a compiled AutoIt script (the registry file will be included in the compiled script). Would like to do it without any user intervention and the less they see the better. The machine the script will run on may be anything from Windows 98 on through Windows XP. Also, would I have to use an external Registry application like Reg.exe or Regedit.exe to call the file or can AutoIt handle internally on its own? I would port over the file directly into AutoIT but the registry file has 75 lines with some fairly complex lines, multi Multi_Reg_Sz strings etc. (ok, I confess, the Regwrite function is still a little confusing :whistle: on some of the 'defaults' and more complicated entries...). Would love to have a .Reg to AutoIt v3 format converter program (hint, hint) B) ... Anyway, thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, a simple line of example code would be great...

Thanks in advance,


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Ok, Larry... No one likes a showoff!!! B)

I mean jeeezz, you sure you couldn't have made that any easier? DOH!!!! I feel so noobified :whistle:

And here is what I was toying around with before I sent the message out...

Runwait ('Regedit' & @ProgramFilesDir & '\Orl\VNC\VNC.reg', "C:\WINDOWS", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

Seems like I was trying to make it to hard....

Thanks again for all the help (and for AutoIt in specific)


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