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I have made a autoclicker for this game but i have had now sucess with regognising the image i have heard though that there can be a way of detcting it by image pixels if anyone could help or point me in the direction it would be help full the link is php btw.

thanx, Tang

MsgBox(10000, "", "This won't be executed")
MsgBox(10000, "", "Or this")

;;; #cs
MsgBox(4096, "", "Autoclicker 1.0 will now start!")

Global $Paused
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

While 1
MouseClick("left", 130, 234, 5)

Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    While $Paused
        ToolTip('Script is "Paused"',0,0)

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

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I've seen this code before...?? You're while loop is gonna eat your cpu up.

Per your question look in help under: PixelSearch() / PixelGetColor() / PixelCheckSum() / WinActivate() / WinActive() / Sleep() / Opt("PixelCoordMode") / Opt("MouseCoordMode") / Opt("WinTitleMatchMode")

That should get you in the right direction.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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i see one person can only click once per day.... i was making a program i posted here but know one looked at :/...

; =+=+=+=+=+=+=+ 'Start' +=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Global $QuitIt = HotKeySet ( "9", "QuitIt" )

; ---------- 'ProxyList.txt Setup' ----------
Global $ProxyFile = FileOpen ( "ProxyList.txt", 0 )

If $ProxyFile = -1 Then
MsgBox ( 0, "Error", "Unable to open ProxyList.txt." )

; ---------- 'Browser Setup' ----------
$Url = InputBox ( "Url Address", "Input Exact Http:// Address", "" )
If @ERROR = 1 Then Exit

Run ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")

MouseMove ( 114, 100, 1 )
MouseClick("Left", 114, 100, 1)
Send($Url , 0)

; ---------- 'ClickIt' ----------
MouseMove ( 740, 200, 1 )
MouseClick("Left", 740, 200, 1)
MouseWheel ("down", 4)

;---------- 'QuitIt' ----------
Func QuitIt ()

FileClose ( $ProxyFile )


; ---------- 'ClickIt Part 2' ----------
ReadProxyList ()

Func ReadProxyList ()

While 1

$Proxy = FileReadLine ( $ProxyFile )
If @ERROR = -1 Then ExitLoop

HttpSetProxy( 2, $Proxy )

MouseMove( 292,169, 1 )
MouseClick( "Left" )
MouseMove( 495, 293, 1 )
MouseClick( "left" )
MouseMove( 40, 70)
MouseClick( "Left", 40, 70)


FileClose ( $ProxyFile )


what it does is click a link then changes proxy from a list(proxylist.txt) wasnt sure if it everworked lol

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Use full information that proxy script will be usefull to me but this game already has a recruiter u open it and u get loads of links to click and then ppl click your link bk so that y i need a image regoniser something that actually cant match 2 pictuers alike and then do something about it it dosent have to match it the same but still match it simarly. I would love more replys to help me out.

Thanx guys, tang

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