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Click on a file in the current window

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Hi there

New user here - just wondered if someone could tell me if this is possible please:

What I'm after is to be able to simulate what happens when you click on a file in a windows explorer window to highlight the file. In other words I pass the file name 'file 3.txt' to a script and get this result:


I then intend want to go on and prompt for a rename by the user, which I assume I can do by simply using Send to pass an F2 keypress.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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@PMGSI, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

yes that is possible. however...

in general, you'll find that when you want to automate tasks, you would prefer doing it "behind the scene" rather then automating a GUI, which is prone to issues. how bout using InputBox() for asking the user for the new name, and FileMove() for the rename operation itself?

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