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WinHTTP cookies in IE

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That's my first post at your forum. :) My english is not very good, I'm polish, so it's not my native language.
I've got a problem. I'm doing bot to the browser game Tribal Wars using WinHTTP.au3
I already wrote this bot using IE.au3, but it's slow and it doesn't always work.

My bot look is at attachment. It's using IE Object to browse a game by user, but everything else is working at WinHTTP.
All time, when any operation is doing in WinHTTP my TribalWars session is expiring. My question is:
Is it possible to include WinHTTP cookies to IE Object, that the session doesn't expire?

E.g. piece of code:

$hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hOpen, "pl" & $World & ".plemiona.pl") ; Server connect
$hRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($hConnect, "GET", "/game.php?screen=info_player") ; The transition to user profile
_WinHttpAddRequestHeaders($hRequest, "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8")

PS. Is it possible to decline WinHTTP from downloading ANY images when receiving response?

Bez tytułu.jpg

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@Genotypek, you seem to have missed the forum rules on your way in, particularly the bit about game automation. Please read through these before you post again, and you'll see why this topic was locked.

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